The Preboreal Site of Juankoski Akonpohja Helvetinhaudanpuro in NE Central Finland
Excavation 6.6. - 17.6. 2005

Discoveries and Events


Map of site and its surroundings (in finnish) (2004)


  • Discovered in 2003
  • Site area is about 900 m2
  • Site coordinates:
    • E 28 24 80
    • N 63 00 70
  • Excavated 15 m2 in 2004
  • Estimated dating according to the shore line displacement chronology of the Ancylus Lake and Lake Saimaa was ca. 8400 BC
  • The site lies on the top of a fossilized Ancylus cliff
  • Radiocarbon dating was made from a burnt moose bone found in 2004 excavation: 8400 BC cal. (median, intcal98), 920075BP (Hela 918).
  • Helvetinhaudanpuro is among the oldest post Ice Age sites known in Finland. The three older sites are located in southern Finland and they are dated to 8500-8800 BC.
  • During the 2004s excavation over 4000 quartz flakes and cores, 67 quartz scrapers were found. Also four flint artefacts were found, of which one is unbroken insert and two are pieces of a scraper
  • Flint was imported either from the Baltic Pulli-Kunda culture region or from the Veretye culture region in NW Russia
  • Quartz technology used resembles flint technology of above-mentioned cultures
  • The site represents a technological transition phase from flint to local quartz material
  • The objectives of 2005s excavation are
    • to excavate ca. 40 m2 around the area excavated in 2004
    • to take pollen samples from the nearby bog
    • to survey the surroundings of the site

The excavation is managed and organized by the archeologists Aivar Kriiska (university of Tartu), Timo Jussila (Microlith Ltd) and Tapani Rostedt. The excavation is funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation of Northern Savo, the city of Juankoski and Microlith Ltd.

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